What is my personal injury case worth?

Have you ever wondered what your personal injury case would be worth? When it comes to PI cases, there is no special formula to determine how much you will receive as compensation. Although we wish we could give you a straight-up answer, there is no way of knowing. Therefore, here are some factors that are considered when determining the results of a PI case.

  • How much medical expenses have been incurred?

You will want to take into account how much the doctors have charged, how much money was paid out of pocket (maybe for a deductible), and/or how much health insurance has paid as they may have a lien on the settlement amount later.

  • How much property damaged?

It is important to take into consideration how much property was damaged and the total cost. For example, in a car accident, you would take a look at the amount of money it costs to repair the damaged vehicle. This amount will be taken into consideration during your case.

  • Past and future lost wages

Make sure you record the time you have missed from work due to injury. Even the time taken going to doctors appointments for treatment of the injury will be taken into account. If you are unable to work in the future, these future lost wages are also taken into consideration.

  • Additional expenses due to injury

I some cases, pain and suffering due to injury or loss of enjoyment of life could be compensated.Additional expenses such as dog walking services due to inability to take care of your pet, lawn maintenance services, rideshare services, etc. will be evaluated and taken into account.In these cases, it is important to have an experienced team of attorneys on your side to ask the appropriate questions and make the right arguments to maximize the value of the case.

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