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Mr. Sheridan goes the extra mile for his clients. He doesn’t waste your time or money and he is trustworthy; all of these are hard traits to find in a lawyer these days. My children and I will always be grateful for what he did for us. He is our hero.

Tiffany P.Facebook

Best lawyer experience I’ve had. Marie has now represented me in a couple of cases of the last two years. Is always easy to get in contact with and you can tell she really cares about getting you the best outcome! Still keep in touch with her for legal advice and she always lends and ear and gives your her opinion!

Steve W.Facebook

Honest and reliable. Marie went above and beyond on a case that was thrown onto her lap with a limited amount of time and a lot at stake. She made no promises other than she would give it her all and that she did. This law firm will forever have my families trust and business.

Renea S.Facebook

I hired Marie to assist in my traffic ticket. She was pleasant, extremely efficient, and easy to work with. I had never used a legal service for a speeding violation previously, and was recommended to the firm. I rarely give 5 stars to many services, but this firm communicates well, follows up immediately, and knows their business. No complaints or disappointments! Great job!

Lauren E.Google

If anyone is thinking about hiring or referring a client to Joshua Sheridan for criminal defense or for a domestic violence hearing, that’s probably a good idea. I called Josh when my client was in jail, criminally charged with domestic violence, and facing a domestic violence injunction. My client was out of jail the next day, Josh stayed in regular communication with both of us, the criminal charges were dropped, and Josh won a contested domestic violence injunction hearing by creating a timeline of events that called the veracity of the “victim’s” allegations into serious question. It is hard to imagine how anyone else could have possibly done any better. You have to love it when your client has his “best day in court.” Thanks Josh!

Richard M.Google

Marie assisted me with more than one subject, both Homeowners insurance claim/lawsuit and criminal defense. Both times Marie always treated my family and I like her family, she was so understanding of the situation at hand and always knew how to make you feel at ease with what was going on, never did I ever have to question anything she ever did, she thoroughly explains everything so that you know what you are dealing with and prepared us ahead of time of what to expect in all aspects of the case. She is so patient, humble, understanding and always made herself available, no matter how many clients she may have had at one given time she always made me feel like I was her priority!!! I would suggest Marie as a lawyer/representation to everyone.. even if its not something she handles, she will provide you with a referral to another attorney who works the area that you need legal representation for. MARIE IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

Kassie E.Yelp

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