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Determining the amount of support paid or received may seem straightforward because of the state child support guidelines calculator. However, the calculator is only as good as the numbers entered into it. At our the Busciglio Sheridan Schoeb, our attorneys ensure that child support is based on accurate information.

Insuring the Accuracy of Your Child Support Amounts

It is important for child support information to be correct so that the final calculation is not just accurate, but fair – both to our clients and to their children. The state’s position is that adequate child support is the right of every child and that the preferences of the adults involved should not enter into child support determinations. Unfortunately, in some instances, parents will attempt to hide income or influence the determination of child support in other ways.

Our attorneys make sure that the financial affidavits are accurate. We conduct investigations, depositions and interrogatories when needed to confirm statements made on the affidavit. We make sure that any income imputed by the other side is realistic; a parent who has not worked for many years is unlikely to be earning a significant amount of income immediately.

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Advocating For You After the Initial Child Support Order

Our lawyers try to minimize future litigation and legal fees in child support matters. However, when circumstances relating to modification or enforcement of child support arise, we have the knowledge and experience to resolve the matter regardless of which side of the argument you are on.

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