Child Custody And Other Parenting Issues

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In Florida, as with other states, child custody and child visitation arrangements (known as parenting time) depend on the parents’ situations and what the court deems to be in the best interests of the child. If the parents can reach custody agreements on their own — through mediation or their respective attorneys — the court is likely to accept a parenting time proposal. However, if the parents cannot agree, the court will assign legal and physical custody after evaluation and a trial.

Understanding Parenting Time And Protecting Your Parent-Child Relationship

At Busciglio Sheridan Schoeb, our goal is to help our clients protect the relationships they have with their children while ensuring that any arrangements account for the children’s best interests. For parents willing to share parenting duties while remaining active in their children’s upbringing, structuring a parenting time agreement can be relatively painless.

If there is no agreement and the courts become involved, there are myriad factors that will be considered before issuing a court-ordered schedule, including the residences of both parents, work schedules, income, the child’s school schedule, the relationship each parent maintained with the child prior to the marriage’s end and numerous other issues that will play a significant role in informing the court’s ruling.

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As Your Life Changes, Your Custody Agreements Will Need To Adapt

Perhaps you and other parent of your child are unmarried, you are planning to move outside Florida once your divorce is over, or you and your partner are divorcing but you have an adopted child and are trying to determine a parenting time agreement; regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer protecting you and your child.

Whether drafting a parenting time agreement that accounts for holidays, extracurricular activities and other issues, or simply making alternations to an existing agreement as your needs change, we will keep you fully informed and work closely with you to ensure the details of your agreement reflect your wishes.

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