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An arrest for a DUI/DWI or a citation for reckless driving is often a person’s first serious run-in with the law. At Busciglio Sheridan Schoeb, we will aggressively defend your rights after an arrest and look to build a creative defense strategy that mitigates the consequences.

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Whether you were pulled over after having a few too many drinks or were arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana, working with an experienced lawyer who understands the local courts, prosecutors and authorities can make a significant difference in your case.

Our team of defense attorneys will handle your case with the personal attention and care that you deserve. We will carry out an independent investigation, review the facts, and determine if the authorities acted improperly or otherwise violated your rights. From the outset, we will give you a straightforward assessment of your options.

Our team of Tampa lawyers specialize in the following criminal defense cases…

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Traffic Crimes

Assault & Battery

Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes


Federal Crimes

Felony Charges




Probation Violations

Sex Crimes

Theft Crimes

Underage Drinking

Unlicensed Contracting

Weapons Offenses

Even something as minor as a traffic violation can have lingering consequences. If tickets pile up, you could lose your driver’s license. If you career requires a certified driver’s license (CDL), you may be out of work. For military personnel, a domestic violence charge could compromise security clearances and opportunities for advancement.

Even if you know you were speeding, ran that red light or were over the legal blood alcohol limit, you may still have options for pursuing a dismissal. As your attorneys, we want to review all possible options for helping you maintain a clean criminal record.

We Handle All Levels Of Criminal And Traffic Cases In Tampa, Florida

Don’t risk losing your license after a DUI/DWI, reach out to Busciglio Sheridan Schoeb and let us advise your next move. Call 813-302-1265 or send us an email to receive a prompt response.

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