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What to expect when summoned for jury duty

So you got a letter in the mail that has summoned you to jury duty… what should you expect? Every county is different and if you find yourself in a situation where you have to reschedule, refer to your summons paperwork to see who you have to contact to get a rescheduling approved. If you […]

What is my case worth?

Have you ever wondered what your personal injury case would be worth? When it comes to PI cases, there is no special formula to determine how much you will receive as compensation. Although we wish we could give you a straight-up answer, there is no way of knowing. Therefore, here are some factors that are […]

What is UM coverage and do you need it?

If you are in an accident and the at-fault party has low or no bodily injury coverage, what do you do?   UM (uninsured or underinsured) motorist coverage is additional coverage that you can purchase through your auto insurance company. In the event of a car accident, UM coverage provides security for when the at-fault […]